Random Number Of Things One Group of Individuals Needs Or Doesn't Need To Stop Or Start Doing Or Saying To Another Group Of Individuals

1. "That item of clothing looks a certain way on you!"

2. "The number of children or pets you do or don't have is too little or too big.  You should have the same number of children or pets that I have!"

3. "This actor or actress is or isn't my favorite or least favorite."

4. "Cheers is good."

5. "Oh my stars and Gardners!"

6. "Is the mode of transportation or escapism that I'm looking for in the direction I'm pointing?"

7. "IF

8. "Snacks are for me."

9. "Snacks aren't for me."

10. "Last night I had a dream that celebrity A and celebrity B were the same person." 

11. "Websites 

23. "If my pet of indeterminate species had your face or rear end, i would shave or grow hair on its face or rear end and teach it to walk backwards or forwards, depending."